Sungard AS Business Continuity Disaster Recovery Plan Template

Looking for a sample business continuity or disaster recovery plan template?

Looks like you’ve been tasked with producing a business continuity or disaster recovery plan for your company, and you need an example.

Sungard Availability Services can help. With more than 30 years of experience in disaster recovery, we practically wrote the book on the subject. Go ahead and download our complimentary disaster recovery plan template…hopefully it will get you started. But keep these broader points in mind:

  • Having a plan in place is one thing; making sure the plan is easily accessible, adaptable, and widely adopted within your company is another.
  • It’s not just about meeting compliance requirements; it’s about assuring business outcomes, and having the confidence that your teams are prepared to recognize threats to the business and empowered to engage before incidents lead to interruptions.
  • This may not be the last business continuity/disaster recovery plan you ever create; what will you do if other functions ask you for the same thing? How will you manage the plans, versions, and templates that can quickly multiply?

Download your free disaster recovery template below!

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